This too shall pass

what happened of enlightenment
the sage of Copenhagen laments
the last of his blunts put out with distaste
weary, delusional, his light misspent
the best minds of his age rest in pillage

his eyes reaching out
far into the distance
his face flushed, his bust hell bent
the veins on these arms
holding back the unrest

the wind on his face,
the sun on his back
mistrust on his mind
poetry in his words
bebop trap-smack

from Poetry Shelf – Let me love

However wiser and a year older
As austere April arrived in a smoulder
to find us sewing our lives together
with the thread of the daily humdrum
what our wishful thinking will again
have It all over undone

Before the monsoon clouds come rolling in
and cast their shadows like a zepplin
before the rain, the gentle rain
becomes the ominous downpour
the may queen, the indian summer
surged in on an encore

and the rain came tumbling down
drowning in its cold embrace
every deluded soul on the streets,
every weary brick in the town
and so it said, as legends go
to the scorn of skies above
In a gentle cry, the earth replies
‘Let me love’
‘Let me love’

from Poetry Shelf -The day ambles along…

The day ambles along
amidst sore muscles
and fingers made headstrong
by black coffee, or redbull
or some other angry fix
that could be made into a Johnny Cash song.

The hours trickle by in fixation
like water off a duck’s back,
time spent in search of intent
the day ambles along submerged in classical music
Johann Sebastian Bach, Debussy, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, among others Beethoven frequents.

The arrangements too sweet
for my mind to shake off its numbness.
Life served out in paper cups
dialogues, word-counts, made complete in conceit.
The day ambles along however,
Hitherto fuelled by a dirty dose of rhythm and beats.