Drama for Life by Poets of the Fall

‘Drama for life’ is the first single released from the album Clearview, by the Finnish alternative rock band from Helsinki, who go by the name of, Poets of the Fall. The album releases on September, the 30th , 2016.

It is hoped by the authorship that the readers may find the publication to their taste, even as some delicate, metaphorical nerves of human existence are touched upon. The mundane cataclysms of life, the not required opulence, the stuff that is often left unattended. That which conglomerates into a situation of notorious note with the passage of time. The stuff that fuels the angst within. That which simmers and eats from within, feeds like a monster and has never stopped, unless by uncertainty, or the square sum of speed of light.

Depression is not a quantifiable entity, yet it has modes of expression. Our mind is the stuff of canvas.  The state of the mind is one of the most volatile feature of our existence, at par with the mood of the bowels. And yes the mind and the intestine are cousins. They even probably belong to a family of miners who have sea weed for breakfast. Staying with the drift, the happy juices in our body operate on a queer modus vivendi. They provide, they run out, they replenish and take their own time. They may not get their fair chance of running the entire course, as per procedure albeit queer, deep down somewhere, obscure to our better judgment, and sense of pragmatic understanding, the hormones of sorrow get secreted.


original artwork from the album

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