#16 ~in the moment~

library on
shuffle play
and a guitar
breaks into
a rythm
an animal
on a leash
at ghosts,
and groveling
in the mud
the lead
kicks in
crawling out
of a wormhole
into a symphony
these dirty
distorted sounds
settles down
to an uncontrollable
only to be broken
by this distant voice
I’m a vodoo child
the voice said
Lord knoes
I’m a voodoo child

#15 ~in the moment~

what is there
to look up to?
-this infinity
-this cacophony
of everything
the forever
forever beginning
soaking up
sinking until
there is no
depths left
to descend
and then
it all
in the mere
of a page

#14 ~in the moment~

to meet a friend
after an eternity
and get dissolved
in the conversation
the rendezvous
has no perimeter
or defined loci
just ghosts
conjured from the past
to stage this
a memoriam
of a time that
we carry
somewhere lost
under the weight
of all these
breaths of life

#13 ~in the moment

fear is
shape shifter
the helplessness
from a dead end
blurred vision
or the never ending
helpless still
fear is a mountain
and whatever more
you’ll let it be
fear is a direction
that brings the
prey to the predator
fear will consume
like the ocean
fear is destiny
a choice bestowed upon

#10 ~in the moment~

today a monkey
came knocking at my door
it has happened before
this careworn primate
consumed by the city
lost in its labyrinths
foraging,pick pocketing
throwing a grimace
walking the line
climbing on
jumping over
this restless energy
at the doors

#9 ~in the moment~

pondering about
the week that was
and the which will be
you fall short
and go again
you slow down
and gather speed
going with the flow
takes you places
and against
makes you stronger
be like water
forever formless
an all possible continuum
ephemeral, eternal