Pride and Pain

once upon a branch tethered to a brook
 drifted upstream, heart nestled overlooked
on the rapids, with floating debris
 Pummelled, polished as ever he could be

The  ground beneath his feet
  sprouted sage in the temperate heat
 and blossomed the finest for all to treasure
 and snapped  each time, beyond mistrust measured

 He ran from his shadow with the mirror of his scars
 He prisoned his emotions encage without bars
Pride and pain engraved upon his banner
and words and emotions and virtuous manners

Yet he lost what he had, his affection as a gift
for no droplet could seep the old bark adrift
 Washed from his fruit he wilted on a shore
 The forests sang an ode to a tree that was before

Priyanka Charan


Art-Hard Reality


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