‘ Corporate Ways ‘ -Poetry-Verses Inked©

corporate ways
A Verses Inked© Publication

Corporate Ways


the mid-day burn, almost noon
united we stood, divided we moved
for the better half it was half past day
for the other half the long drawn stay

the digitized beep at every step
those roving eyes and electronic threats
a pin drop stays, no emotions traced
equipped, enriched on an eloquent race

bouncing nails, painted, frayed
perched on leather those crooked frames
the mid-riff bulge, O! cranium drain
the silvery dawn and the vertebral strain

the confident hands and their indifferent shakes
the query eyes and their charcoal spread
identity lost of those boisterous days
automated efficiency, o corporate ways

the digital world and its plasma view
verbosity at large, numerates a few
the doodled pages, those moments slow
while at the back-end the vocabulary grows

served in paper the ethiopian brew
with milk or black the chinese too
the arabian blend and the purple haze
the caffeine drive or the nicotine daze

wings of concrete, of gravels and stone
for the lift, for the drag, for the proud airborne
the horizon yonder littered with clones
they all did fly, up there all alone

weary of cause, of wierd ways
the accomplished, the unsung,the ghetto’s mainstay,
the oppurtunist, optimist, the pragmatic pristine
struggling and stiving for the american dream

the long drawn day now comes to an end
winding up all backlog cleansed
the midnight drop a befetting end
only to realise, tomowwor all over again


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